Best Recommended Application of 2022 Part II

Installing an apps is an important thing to do to improve the function of the smartphone itself. There are lots of apps that can be installed on smartphones, starting from entertainment apps such as watching movies and even apps for making money, one of which is stock trading app.

Stock Trading is one of the profitable activities that many people are interested in. Different from the old days where there were still many difficulties, now there are the best stock trading apps that can be tried for beginners. The intended apps is not just one type but there are various.

In addition to being an intermediary to monitor stock price fluctuations on a daily basis, stock apps can also monitor various types of news related to the IDX, macroeconomics, and so on. Quoted from a number of sources, the following are some of the names of apps for stock trading that are most recommended and are in great demand by investors.

Best Recommended Apps of 2022 Part II

Stockbit – Best Trading App

The first best stock app is Stockbit. Initially this apps was present as a medium for the stock trading forum community or often called social trading. In this forum, investors can exchange ideas and information related to stocks and issuers.

As time goes by, the number of members is increasing so that Stockbit also provides facilities for buying and selling shares. Meanwhile, Stockbit collaborates with Sinarmas Sekuritas so that it becomes an apps that can be used for discussion, analysis, and stock trading.

MNC Sekuritas – Stock Trading App Free

The name MNC Sekuritas is no stranger to investors. As the name implies, this apps is a subsidiary of PT MNC Kapital Indonesia. It can be said that MNC Sekuritas is a favorite for investors, because of several advantages it has.

The advantages of the best stock trading apps are the initial deposit or minimum deposit of IDR 100,000, the account opening process is very easy, the apps is quality and has complete features.

IPOT – Best Daily Trading App

IPOT or Indo Premier Online Technology) is a very popular stock trading apps in the country. This apps has several functions such as investing in stocks, ETFs, and mutual funds.

One of the advantages offered by IPOT is that there is a Robo Trading mechanism and a Fund Evaluator that does not need to be done manually because it has been installed automatically. So that it can run all types of buying and selling according to the wishes of the user.

Ajaib – Trading App for Beginner

Recently there is one name of the best stock apps which is very popular. Ajaib is the name, where this apps is a child of the Ajaib Group which houses 2 companies at once, namely Ajaib Sekuritas and Ajaib Mutual Funds. So it can be concluded that Ajaib presents investment options in mutual funds or stocks.

With these advantages, it seems to be an attraction for new investors. Moreover, mutual funds are the safest type of investment risk. With the facilities offered, customers do not need to think about other apps to try two types of investments at once. Simply Miraculously everything is available.

Viu – Watch Movies

This app offers a wide variety of popular movies every month. Starting from action films, exclusive Korean drama series, even other premier cinema films whose quality does not need to be doubted.

How to get this apps is very easy. We can download or install from the Appstore or install directly from this site with the link provided.